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Announcement from Thai Gourmet Market

Commencing Tuesday March 14th 2017, Thai Gourmet Market will no longer be operating as a traditional restaurant at 5831 Memorial Highway, Tampa , FL.

We find that majority of our businesses is catering special events, corporate luncheons, cooking classes at The Epicurean Hotel, manufacturing our own line of Secret Gourmet sauces, and local involvement in successful Markets:- such as Saturday Market at St Pete, Hyde Park, and Peirce Street Market…just to name a few.

Often times we would have to alter our restaurant schedule to accommodate these events and customers were upset because they would come to the restaurant and find that it was closed for the day.

We regret to inform you of these changes – but we’re afraid that we must use our resources to excel in the sectors of our business that we truly thrive in.

We will also be continuing our commercial and private catering operations as many requested, cooking classes, manufacturing sauces, participating in local markets as mentioned, and focusing on our newly launched Noodle Kitchen & Market operation located at 500 S.Howard, South Tampa.

We would like to personally thank all our current and past customers who have enabled us to grow into our new business direction-Thank you!!!

We look forward to continue to provide tasty, healthy Southeast Asian cuisine options at our other outlets.