International Cuisine with a Modern Flavor

Asian Confusion was established to try and explain the mysteries of the subtle relationships between East and West, both in cuisine, lifestyle, and culture. By exploring the journeys first started via the spice trading routes between the two cultures, we can link and understand the differences we see today.  Although separated by vast distances and cultural barriers, there is a distinct theme that still links East and West.

Our goal is to broaden peoples perspective of culture, cooking, and lifestyle and to find fundamental similarities.

The principal owner of the company was born in Asia, and subsequently grew up in the US.  Her fusion of education and life experiences created a unique perspective on this very subject.  We trust that you will join us on our journey together through this fascinating environment, rich in tradition, history, and cultural experiences.


A number of recipes suggestions are available on the web site.


Fully stocked Asian market now on line


Tampa, FL- Asian confusion is proud to announce the initial launch of a new and exciting range of easy to use, tasty, nutritious sauces. Under the Secret Gourmet label there are currently four sauces in the range, that will be expanded upon with further exciting additions in the near future.


The sauces are all concentrated and will enable a number of different dishes to be made from each sauce, offering good value.

Pet Brown, president of Asian Confusion stated:

These new “Secret Gourmet” sauces are all made with no MSG or artificial preservatives, and are a healthy way to create the basis for an exciting range of tasty, Asian inspired recepies. I hope people will experiment with them and really enjoy the results!


Catering, Events, Lessons, Food Consultancy and Interior Design


Weddings, birthdays, special occasions, corporate events We can cater for any event and provide a turn-key solution to fulfill your requirements.  This can range from a small private party to a full scale corporate event with an exciting range of tasty healthy foods to suit the occasion.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Alternatively, we can also provide a personal chef service to create the ultimate home dinner party experience at your own residence.


This can be set up at your own residence.  You can host your own cooking class party in the comfort of your own home.  We provide expert tuition with a fun atmosphere…every one participates for a fun learning experience.

We also host cooking class at our commercial kitchen.  These lessons are available by reservation only.  Please contact us for our cooking class schedule.

As an alternative, we would be pleased to offer a customized cooking class according to your specific theme or requirements.  This is a great format for corporate team building sessions.

Prior to your cooking class, we can also provide a full service market experience where you will be able acquire the actual food you will be preparing and learn all the tips of the trade.


We offer a full range of menu planning services to new or existing restaurants specializing in Asian Fusion Cuisine.  We can refresh your existing menu with new and exciting ideas and concepts to add value to your current business.  Traditionally, Asian menus have been difficult to successfully pair with fine wines.  We have the insight knowledge and direct experience to accomplish this.  Please contact us to arrange a food and wine pairing sampler.


AsianConfusion also provide a proven interior decoration consultancy service through our partner Changing Spaces of Orlando.  We specialize in custom finishes and accent with an Asian flare.  Please contact us for customer references-outlining our portfolio of completed projects.

We can also provide procurement services for specialized Asian influence furniture pieces to assist your own interior designer or architect.  This service is available for both residential or commercial users.